Sell More… Run Time: 55:49
  Why should I consider investing in oil and gas vs. other investment alternatives?  
  Why should I invest in direct participation deals vs. buying stock in public energy companies like Exxon/Mobile, Conoco/Phillips, etc.?  
  How is my Net Income calculated?  
  How often do I get paid?  
  How much revenue am I entitled to receive and how much of the expenses am I obligated to pay (Net Revenue Interest (NRI)% vs. Operating/Working Interests (WI)%)?  
  What is secondary or enhanced oil recovery?  
  Protect More… Run Time: 38:36
  Is it risky to invest in direct participation oil and gas deals?  
  How is my investment allocated, and why is it important (understanding the Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) and tax implications)?  
  Are there varying degrees of project risk within direct participation deals?  
  What are the typical documents I will see, and what do they communicate?  
  Is there any personal liability I have as an investor?  
  Educate More… Run Time: 53:31
  What is the timeframe between writing a check to becoming an investor, and when do I get paid from production?  
  Why is well spacing important to understand?  
  What does it take to get a well into production?  
  What can go wrong in drilling and production?  
  How long and how fast does a well produce and what effects it?  
  What is the liquidity of a direct participation investment?  
  How do I analyze an offering?  
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